Our technology

Technology has changed just about every facet of modern life, and dentistry is no different. Our office has invested heavily in technologies that increase predictability, patient comfort, and improve outcomes.

Intraoral scanning

No one likes gooey impressions, so we use an intraoral scanner- a wand with a camera on the end- to capture many of our impressions digitally, without the mess.

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Intraoral scan of a patient's mouth, viewed from the front.

CBCT imaging

CBCT imaging is a cousin to medical CT imaging. Shrunken down to tooth size, it allows us to look at the teeth and jaws in high detail and 3-dimensions. This type of imaging allows for much more clarity when looking for small or nefarious entities.

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3D rendering of a patients full arch of teeth, reconstructed from a CBCT scan.

3D printing

We utilize in-house SLA printing to allow us to print models, custom trays, and custom provisionals with a high degree of accuracy.

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3D printed models of a patients mouth.

Digital planning

As with most endeavors– the better the plan, the better the result. Our office has the tools and technology to be highly involved in designing and planning of complex treatment with our surgical and laboratory partners.

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Screenshot of 6 digitally planned implants on a CBCT image of the maxilla.