Records request

Transferring health records is a process dictated by both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009, better known as the HITECH Act. We take our obligations to you and the law seriously. Our office’s policies and procedures are based on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published guidance.

All records requests must be in writing using a Grand Dental form. This form is available electronically below, as a downloadable and printable PDF form, or we can provide you a paper copy by mail or in person. We will accept forms by any mode and medium you can return them to us. We require the use of an approved form to ensure that you receive the information you desire and understand any associated costs beforehand.

We aim to respond to all requests within 7 days of receiving them. More complex and complicated requests should be expected to take longer, up to 30 days. Please be sure to account for this timeline as well as your selected mode of delivery in your planning.

You may request how your records are delivered. Our recommendation is to mail printed copies of your records and your x-rays on a disc, we have found this to be the most universal. We recommend against receiving printed radiographs as they may lose some of their diagnostic quality and strongly recommend against faxing radiographs as they will completely lose their diagnostic quality. We also recommend against emailing records as this could put your personal privacy at risk. Your dental record will contain personal information including your address, phone number, medical history, and social security number. We will do our best to accommodate your specific request.

You may request all or some of your records. Our recommendation is the most recent examination and any treatment since as well as all current radiographs- this is the most helpful, usual, and customary when transferring dentists. If you have a more specific request, we will make every effort to accommodate it.

A separate records request form is required for each individual patient. This is painfully cumbersome for moving families, but we do not legally have any way around it.

There may be a fee associated with the duplication, preparation, and mailing of your records. We charge based on the actual cost of the labor, supply, and postage to fulfill your request. This is: $0.15 per page, $5 per digital storage media, $25 per hour of staff time, plus the cost of postage. We waive these fees for the most common records for your convenience. We can estimate this fee at your written request.

Your request must be complete, lawful, and legible. Your request will undergo a due diligence process to confirm its authenticity and credibility. Please be sure that you fully complete the form. If we deny your request, we will notify you in accordance with the law.