Our practice

The Grand Dental team continues a heritage of quality dentistry on Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.


The practice in its current form was acquired by Dr. Chad in 1991. Prior to that, it was owned by Dr. George Thompson who purchased a dental practice in Valley Junction from Dr. Wrinkler in 1954. In 1956, Dr. Thompson moved his practice from Valley Junction to his first location on Grand Avenue. Even since 1991, quite a few things have changed:

  • Our building. Originally located a few blocks West on Grand Avenue, we have been in our current space since 1993 and have remodeled 4 times.
  • We've grown. As West Des Moines has grown, so has the number of patients under our care, necessitating an increase in our number of doctors and team members.
  • Our name. We adopted the name Grand Dental to best reflect the multi-doctor nature of our practice.

Despite the changes both in town and in dentistry, we have remained committed to our community and our patients.

We are locally owned

While we are a corporation, we are not a corporate dental practice. Grand Dental is committed to keeping its ownership amongst its dentists.

Our philosophy

In our exams and diagnoses, we aim to be thorough and complete and to not sugar coat anything so you know exactly what is going on in your mouth.

In presenting and planning, we believe in giving patients options and letting them pick the solution that is right for them in their unique situation. We do not have an aggressive sales pitch or team.

When it comes time to put the plan into action, we use modern materials and techniques to deliver high-quality and predictable outcomes. We use only quality materials and components from well-respected manufacturers in the dental space.

There is no such thing as perfect in life, and dentistry is no different. We stand behind our work when things do not go or last as planned.

We keep ourselves sharp with ongoing continuing education and maintain continuing education sponsor status with the Iowa Dental Board.

We maintain our equipment to a high standard and implement strong administrative systems to manage and protect our patients meeting best practices and exceeding where possible.

We continue to invest in the practice. This is most visible in our technology, team, and physical space.

Our physical space

Operatory 10 at Grand Dental
Operatory 10.
Operatory 9 at Grand Dental
Operatory 9.
View of our sterilization center.
Sterilization center.
Dental laboratory at Grand Dental.
The waiting room at Grand Dental.
Waiting room.
The doctor's office at Grand Dental.
Doctor's office.
The conference room at Grand Dental.
Conference room.