Routine dental care

Our office offers the full suite of general practice dentistry. Whether you need a six month checkup or a little more T.L.C. such as fillings, crowns, or bridges.

Gloved hand holding a dental mirror and explorer.

Routine cleanings & exams

The American Dental Association recommends patients without gum disease have their teeth cleaned every six months with a thorough examination by a doctor.

Composite instruments used in placement of a filling.


For small cavities, filling are the standard treatment option- simply removing the diseased tooth structure and replacing it. We primarily restore teeth with tooth colored composite material, but can use amalgam (also known as alloy) by request.

Up close view of an example crown for a tooth.


When a tooth has been compromised structurally– whether by a large filling, cavity, or fracture– a crown allows us to not only put back what is missing but also reinforce the tooth structurally to give some of its strength back.

Up close view of an example bridge to replace three teeth.


Essentially two crowns with a fake tooth lodged between them, bridges are one way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.