We continue to provide routine patient care following the recommendations and guidelines from the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. As a healthcare facility, we still have enhanced infection control protocols in place. We require that everyone continues to wear a mask in our office & encourage all of our eligible patients to be vaccinated. Get more information here.

Resources for professionals from Grand Dental

This page is intended as a reference for our staff and dental professionals, if you are looking to learn more about dental procedures generally and what we do at Grand Dental, check out our patient-centered learn more page. The following are presented as-is and are not a substitute for clinical judgement. Likewise, any suggestions or recommendations for improvement are welcomed.


Our interim protocols for Covid-19
This is the supplement to our office handbook and usual protocols and procedures that addresses all things covid, from infection control to patient phone calls. It will be updated often.
CDC interim infection prevention & control guidance for dental settings during the Covid-19 response
Link to current recommendations from the CDC for managing patient care during the coronavirus health crisis.
OSHA guidance for dentistry
Link to current guidelines from OSHA for managing DHCP esposure and protection during the coronavirus health crisis.

Sample files for digital dentistry

Sample IO scans & CBCT datasets
A folder of sample cases for practicing digital case workups including implant planning, CBCT/IO scan correlation, & digital diagnostic wax-ups.

Guides & checklists

Delivering zirconia
Delivering zirconia can be confusing. This shows the options and rationales for them as well as the step-by-step protocol for using RelyX Unicem 2.
CAM block cementation
Manufacturer bonding guidelines for all the block that we stock using the Panavia v5 system.
Evaluation for fabrication a MAD for management of OSA
A checklist for evaluation a patient for a mandibular advancement device (MAD) to help manage their obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
Comprehensive examination for FamD
A version of our comprehensive exam form loosely adapted with FamD's.
Dental systemic considerations
Antibiotic prophylactic coverage guidelines, post-surgical contraindication protocols, and numbers or systemic importance.
Facial trauma checklist
Checklist for dealing with unplanned dental trauma.
Minimal sedation checklist
Checklist for safe consideration for and administration of minimal sedation, formerly known as oral anxiolysis.
Comprehensive examination chairside worksheet
Chairside checklist for new patient comprehensive examination.
Limited examination chairside worksheet
Chairside checklist for emergent or urgent examination limited to a specific problem.
Denture appointment armamentarium
Checklist of what is needed for each appointment for both traiditional and implant supported prosthesis fabrication appointments.

Outbound links

ASA physical status classification system
Overview of the American Society of Anesthesiologists classification system for patient health.
Staging & grading periodontitis
Chairside reference to staging and grading periodontitis from the American Academy of Periodontology.
Colleagues for Excellence
Biannual publication from the American Association of Endodontists on topics pertinant to general dentistry.
Posterior zirconia preparation design
Dr. Robert Winter of Spear Education explains how to prepare posterior teeth for full-contour zirconia indirect full-coverage restorations.
Dental Implantology: numbers clinicians need to know.
A laundry list of facts and figures when it comes to anatomy, implants, esthetics, and dentistry all around.
Dental trauma guide
Reference for dealing with tooth trauma for both primary and succedaneous teeth. Note, this is an annual subscription service.
Mallampati score determination
Reference for establishing a Mallampati score on patients in assessment for risk of obstructive sleep apnea as well as sedation.
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