What can we build?

Dental implant restorations

Dental implants are a foundation. On top of that foundation there are several tooth replacement options than can be custom built for you, whether you need to replace just one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth. Our team works every week with local surgical teams to rebuild smiles on dental implants.

Single tooth implants

When just one tooth is missing, a single tooth implant simply puts it back, replacing both the root and crown structure for a one-to-one tooth replacement option.

Stock image of a single tooth implant

Fixed, full-arch prostheses

Fixed, full-arch prosetheses are supported by at least 4 implants. They go in and stay in your mouth, just like natural teeth. This is the most tooth-like replacement option available.

Stock image of a full arch tooth replacement

Dentures that snap on implants

Using a system of o-ring like attachements, removable dentures can be made to snap onto dental implants in a way that greatly increases how well they are retained in your mouth. It is a conventional denture with greatly increased staying power.

Stock image of an implant retained overdenture

Implant supported bridges

When 3 or more teeth need to be replaced in a row, a bridge can allow you to replace multiple teeth on fewer numer of dental implants, which decreases the overall cost.

Stock image of a implant supported bridge.

What are the downsides of dental implants?

While dental implants are the best tooth replacement option currently available, they are not without risks, problems, and responsibilities. Dental implants are generally more expensive than non-implant options. They also take more time, as your body has to be given time to heal to and around the implant before we start building restorations. As with any medical procedure, some patients are not good candidates for dental implants, this can be for medical reasons, because there is not enough bone to place an implant, or because there is not enough restorative space to build on top of. While dental implants cannot get cavities they can get gum disease, they can also be very susceptible to changes in your bite over time, so it is extremely important that the implant is taken care of at home daily and with routine professional dental maintenance.