Root canal treatment

Close up image of the files used in root canal treatment on a table.
Files used in root canal treatment

A root canal is a treatment that allows you to save a dead or dying tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. They have a bad reputation in popular culture, but we have some a long way in recent years.

Steps in completing a root canal procedure:

  • A small hole is made in the top of your tooth to access the hollow space inside of the tooth.
  • Any remaining nerve, bacteria, or debris is removed from this hollow space.
  • This hollow space is cleaned, shaped, and disinfected.
  • The space is filled and sealed with an inert rubber substance so that bacteria cannot continue to proliferate.
  • A filling is placed in the access hole.

Many teeth that have root canal procedures should also have a crown completed to maintain their strength, your doctor will discuss this with you.

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