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Dental implants at Grand Dental

Our office works every week with local surgical teams to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants are quickly becoming the replacement option of choice for missing teeth, whether one or many. While they take more time and often, more initial expense, dental implants offer some distinct advantages over traditional bridges and dentures.

Comparing an implant to a tooth
For single missing teeth, dental implants provide a one tooth solution to a one tooth problem.
All of the parts of a screw-retained dental implant crown
Implants do not get cavities. However, they can get gum disease. So, yes, you still have to clean them.
Dental implants holding a denture in place with Locators
Depending on the number of implants, the stability of a denture can increase all the way to having no pressure on the gums.

Tooth replacement options

Single tooth implants
The most common type of tooth replacement, this option uses a single implant supporting a crown to replace a single missing tooth. Instead of glue, the crown is held in place by a small titanium screw that is permanently sealed into your tooth.
A single tooth implant Two single tooth implants on a radiograph
Implant retained bridges
Just like we can put bridges on teeth, we can put bridges on dental implants. This can range from the replacement of three teeth supported by two dental implants, all the way to an entire arch of teeth on usually eight implants.
3-unit implant bridge Front teeth replaced with a dental implant bridge
Dentures that snap or slide onto dental implants
On as few as two implants, a new or existing denture can be adapted to snap onto dental implants using what is essentially an O-ring system. This allows greatly improved denture stability, although the gums are still the primary supporter of chewing function. You are able to remove the denture all on your own to clean it.
A denture seating on 4 dental implants with Locator abutments A denture seating on 2 dental implants with Locator abutments
Dentures that are permanently screwed into dental implants
A fixed-hybrid denture replaces all the teeth, and the dental implants support all of your daily functions. This options is screwed permanently into place and can only be removed by a dentist.
Fixed-hybrid denture Fixed hybrid denture on x-ray

The process

Digital planning implant surgery
Implant placed
An implant receiving a crown
Planning for, placing, and restoring a dental implant is not an overnight process. In fact, the typical case takes several months depending on how your body heals. Learn more about the process on our page dedicated to digital planning.
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