Teeth whitening

How to whiten your teeth for maximum benefit

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Is it normal to have sensitivity during the whitening process?
Yes, tooth sensitivity, especially to cold is common during and after whitening. For most people, this resolves in 2-10 days.
What can I take for the discomfort?
For mild discomfort, we recommend taking ibuprofen as directed on the box. If you need more than 400 mg, come and see us. Some people need to use a lesser strength whitening agent, we will swap you out.
How long does it take to whiten?
A typical treatment course is 2 weeks, or 14 individual treatments. This can be accomplished in as little as 14 days or drawn out over more time. While this takes longer, it can help decrease sensitivity.
How long does whitening last?
That is highly variable depending on your diet and propensity for stain. Most people find themselves touching up their whitening once a year. This is typically a treatment or two and not the full 14 day course.
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