Caring for and adapting to your implant-retained overdentures

Getting used to a pair of overdentures, whether your first pair or your tenth, is a process that takes time.

Download instructions Caring for your denture
Will I have sore spots?
Likely. While overdentures have fewer sore spots than conventional denture will have sore spots, they still happen. They are most frequent in the first week or two, but can develop at any time.
Why do I need follow-up appointments?
We schedule all denture patients for an appointment the day after they get their dentures in order to take care of any early sore spots. If you are doing well, you are welcome to cancel this appointment, but we hold the time for you automatically so we are available if you need us.
Woah, these are weird.
Dentures take time and a lot of patience to get used to. It typically takes a new denture wearer around 1 year to fully master them. Even then, overall chewing function is around 25% of when you had all your teeth in good health.
How do I clean them?
Throughout the day, especially after eating, you should rinse them off to remove food debris. Daily, you should give them a good scrub with dish soap and a denture brush or soak them in a effervescent cleaner (But not for more than 15 minutes). If you choose to use an effervescent cleaner, you should still give it a good scrub at least once per week to better remove stains and stuck on debris.