Single visit dentistry using the CEREC workflow
CEREC is a system that includes an optical impression camera, design software, and a milling unit that allows us to create precisely-designed, highly durable, tooth-colored restorations in our office - all in a single visit. These restorations can be crowns, inlays, or onlays supported by a tooth, or even crowns supported by a dental implant.
Cerec digital impression
An optical impression is made using a high definition intraoral camera.
Cerec digital models
Your custom restoration is designed chairside using specialized CAD software.
Cerec milling
Your custom prosthesis is milled from a solid block of material in around 12 minutes.
Using the CEREC workflow to fabricate your prosthesis has several distinct advantages over traditionally fabricated inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers:
It saves a second visit
Your final restoration is delivered the same day that your tooth is prepared, this means no temporary and no second visit.
It uses an optical impression
This means a mouthful of camera instead of a mouthful of impression goop.
Cerec digital impression Cerec digital impression
It can save tooth structure
The materials and bonding procedures that this technique utilizes can allow for more conservative removal of tooth structure during the process than traditional crowns. Less tooth reduction means less trauma to your tooth.
Cerec before image Cerec after image
It has ideal physical properties
This system uses a variety of materials which wear, expand, contract, and flex in a similiar fashion to natural tooth, producing a natural looking, long-lasting restoration.
Cerec strength before Cerec strength after
It does more than just tooth supported crowns
This same technology can be used to create custom, esthetic implant supported crowns and custom abutments in situations where tooth replacement is necessary.
Cerec implants Cerec implants
See it in action
Watch a case get designed, after preparation and scanning. Sped up 5x, these are the same steps done in front of you to create your crown.